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City of Orange Physical Medicine Group is one of the only integrative, multi-specialty group practices that offers a complete approach to treatment for your pain in Orange County. Medical Doctors, Chiropractic, Physical Rehabilitation, Acupuncture and Deep Tissue Therapy all working together in the convenience of one office in the City of Orange. We specialize in Muscle and Joint pain, injury recovery and Pain Management.

By offering all of the specialties in one convenient location your condition can be examined, X-Rays taken, treatment given and prescriptions if needed to help with your recovery and management. Our caring and dedicated staff of Health Care providers believe in the complete approach and create personalized treatment plans just for you.

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Shelley M. Dr. Bell and Dr. Soliman are the best !! I go in for my appt in so much pain I can't move and walk out feeling better and feeling that both Drs and all the staff are very caring and compassionate individuals. I would recommend and have recommended many friends to make an appt. They all go above and beyond to help me and my family feel better at every appt. Thank you All. A++
Shelley M.
Mildred C. If you want relief from pain, experienced and friendly doctors and staff, this is the place to go. From personal experience here, I would recommend them highly.
Mildred C.
John D. Greg was Awesome. If you've never had Acupunture, he knows how to make you feel comfortable. Even my kids want to have Acupunture treatments. It really helped with some pain I had before seeing Greg. I would definitely recommend it. Thanks Greg.
John D.
Shaylee D. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful at Orange Physical Medical Group. The first thing I see when I walk in are smiling faces, and the women behind the desk greeting me. They always ask how I'm doing, and they are truly sincere. Dr. Bell is amazing at what he does, and he is very friendly and professional. He asks many questions regarding pain and works on those specific areas and more. I walk out of the office every time feeling better. Also, Dr. Bell takes the time to get to know you . I feel like I've known him forever. Dr. Soliman has the same qualities. He makes you feel very comfortable, and he lets you know exactly what he's doing. He also takes the time to get to know you. I really found a great group of doctors and staff. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! It's nice to know that this office cares about me. I would highly recommend friends to go see Dr. Bell and his team!
Shaylee D.
Lance N. Unbelievable experience !!! When I walked through the door I was greeted with a warm smile from the front desk office manager Melissa. I was then whisked away by "Cat" (Catherine) the most amazing massage Therapist, who with her magic touch, puts me to sleep. I awaken refreshed and afterwards, Dr. Mark Bell adjustments me. It's a routine I've been doing religiously once a month for the past 10 years ! These guys are a life saver. Truly blessed to have found this place.
Lance N.
Tom R. Best place to fix your aching body Chiropractor, massage and acupuncture all in one place. I have been going weekly for years.
Tom R.
Jamie P. Best chiropractor EVER!! I travel a lot and I still have yet to find a doctor as good as Dr. Bell. I use to live right down the street and would come in three times a week but now that I'm states away I have tried other chiropractors and they just don't compare to this place! I'm a little bit bigger so I like that Dr. Bell is in shape and tall so that he is able to properly adjust me effortlessly. I suffer from constant migraines so when I travel to Orange County I always stop by for a good adjustment and a massage! I know they offer acupuncture as well (I haven't tried that out yet) but the acupuncturist was also extremely friendly and professional I'm sure it's amazing! The entire office is like one big family and they make you feel right at home NOT just a quick wham bam! They take the time to get to know you and do muscle work not just an adjustment which I think makes all the difference. I can't say enough about this office! Everyone there takes pride in their work and if your in the area it's definitely worth the time to stop in.
Jamie P.
Jenny L. I've been going to Dr. Bell's for more than 5 years I believe, and he, alongside all the masseuses there, have been an amazing aide to my athletic career. He has helped many athletes with injuries, strains, and pains and I love the massage therapy. Even though I don't live there anymore, I make time out of my week to come up to Orange just to get a massage and back alignment. Everyone who works there is so friendly and kind and welcoming. Every time I walk in there, I get this homey feel; it's very comfortable and relaxing. All I can say is Thank You for all that you've done and I'll see you in the office Dr. Bell!
Jenny L.
Dan G. Dr. Bell is outstanding! I've been to several other chiropractors but never one who really made me feel like he cares about me. He does this deep tissue work and that makes all the difference. Very few chiropractors do this. He took the time to explain to me the connection between my spine and the muscles around it. He showed me how working with both achieves much greater results. Not only that, but the office itself makes you feel calm and peaceful. He has a very professional quality about him and a kind and caring staff. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Bell.
Dan G.
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