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Auto Accident Injuries and Treatment
April 24th, 2017 By Health Blog
auto accident

AUTO ACCIDENT INJURY  – Can last years without proper treatment. What you need to know…


Whiplash injuries to the neck, mid back and low back are the most common injuries in Auto accidents. Straining of the Muscles, ligaments and tendons or disc injuries can lead to constant pain, headaches, difficulties sleeping, focusing for work or home activities, taking care of loved ones, etc. and the pain can last for months or even years.
Following an auto accident, it’s important to get started with the proper treatment as soon as possible. The worst thing you can do is wait, hoping the pain will just get better on its own. This is rarely the case.


Fortunately, at City of Orange Physical Medicine Group you can get the specialized treatment and therapy that you need for your injuries all in the convenience of one office. Soft tissue from whiplash and disc injuries need a specialized treatment consisting of specialized deep tissue therapy by our trained and certified therapists, specialty flexion / distraction and traction tables, joint mobilization and range of motion therapy. We offer the convenience of a Medical Doctor on staff to prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medications if needed to help you function during the day and sleep at night. We offer both ORGANIC AND PHARMACEUTICAL grade medications. In some cases an MRI or diagnostic ultrasound may be needed to help with diagnosis of injuries and we have all of these amenities if needed.

If you or a loved one is suffering injuries caused by an auto accident call for a complimentary consultation. At City of Orange Physical Medicine Group we offer the convenience of everything you need in one place for acute and chronic soft tissue injuries and painful joint arthritis conditions.

Chronic Pain causes many other problems… medication dependency,  fatigue, sleeplessness, depression, lack of concentration. It can affect your ability to enjoy life and so much more. If you or a loved one is suffering with chronic muscle or joint pain call for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION, we would be happy to sit down and discuss how we can help.

” How can you be happy when you live with Pain ”  let us help.


We accept liens for your case

You may have many questions regarding your auto accident case. To help you with these questions we have a list of attorneys we work with that specialize in auto accident injuries and liability issues and concerns. They gladly offer complimentary consultations to discuss your accident with you.

— Dr. Mark Bell is the Chiropractor and deep tissue specialist at The City of Orange Physical Medicine Group, one of the only integrative, whole body wellness facilities in Orange. The team of Dr. Bell, Chiropractor, and Dr. Parikh, MD, create a multi-specialty group practice that offers a complete approach to treatment for trigger points and pain.



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